Designer Extractor fans With Style and Elegance

It is now widely accepted that an extractor fan in a kitchen, bathroom or en-suite is an essential, not a luxury. It reduces condensation and eliminates damage to the décor of a room and also helps prevent damage to the fabric of a building caused by humid air being retained in a room. The key word here is décor. If you have spent a lot of time and money designing and decorating the most logical next step would be to install an aesthetically pleasing extractor fan which would blend in or enhance your home. Fortunately, several forward thinking manufacturers have introduced models to their range which have outer casings specifically designed to complement even the most sophisticated decorating themes whilst not compromising in any way on the overall performance of the fan. A slimline fan can, for example be fitted unobtrusively onto a suitable wall and its sympathetic design will allow it to blend in and work discreetly and a round model can â??hold its ownâ?? if installed in full view on a ceiling or wall. Some fans have several colour choices when choosing a front cover and some are so innovative in their design even though we know they are a functional extractor fan the design is such that it does not compromise even the most sophisticated bathroom or detract from the most stylish décor. Once you have decided on the functionality required of your fan you can begin to investigate the latest designs available before making your final choice. When deciding which â??designerâ?? fan is for you the first question to ask is do I want the fan to almost disappear into the surroundings or would I prefer a fan that looks so different to a conventional fan that its very presence is pleasing to the eye. We have researched the very latest fans available that have different or innovative design elements and set out below is a small selection which we hope will help you to research further and to make an informed choice. Airflow Loovent Eco Kitchen or Bathroom Fan

Loovent Eco fans can be either surface or recessed mounted in either a portrait or landscape aspect which minimises any 'making good' and with dimensions of only 180mm width x 160mm height and a depth of 135mm, it can be unobtrusively mounted in any location. Greenwood Airvac CV2GIP Unity, One Fan Any Room, Unity Extractor Fan This fan contains an integral timer and humidistat features which, in contrast to traditional timers, looks at the duration of occupancy of a room to define running time rather than have a fixed running period.  It is also designed to react to man-made humidity only. This eliminates nuisance noise, especially at night, and eliminates unnecessary energy wastage and heat loss typically associated with traditional timers. Greenwood Airvac were the first people to re-think the aesthetics of a standard extractor fan when they introduced solid fascias to blend more effectively with modern interiors. They are now challenging convention again with a circular fan which blends in even further, especially in ceilings. All of the commissioning and maintenance of the fan is done from the front so, once installed, there is no need to access switches and wires often located in difficult to access places which allows a greater location choice in any room.

The Greenwood Airvac Halo Shower Fan and Light Kit

Airvac Elite Halo kits combine both fan and light units with ducting for showers, bathrooms and WCs. Two types of kit are available, one for loft installations and one that includes a 90° bend for installing into small ceiling voids where ductwork has to run between joists This system allows the functionality of a fan which fits behind a light and therefore really is invisible to the eye and will not impact on room. In addition, three different finishes are available, white, chrome and gold, which mean that this unit really will complement any bathroom fittings already installed. In small WCs the kit can even be used to replace a separate light and ventilation installation.

Greenwood Airvac Omnique Any Room Extractor Fan

The Omnique extractor from Greenwood Airvac is a multi-functional fan offering six different modes of operation. The design of this unit concentrates on pure simplicity. It has no external logos or markings and its clean and simple lines and white finish ensure it will look good in any location The Omnique is part of the Carbon Neutrality Scheme and carries the Greenwood CarbonSMART stamp Airflow Icon Fans

Available in white, anthracite, sandstone, silver and chrome
The Airflow Icon fan is one of the most popular on the market today. It circular design and unique â??irisâ?? system make it both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The â??irisâ?? will open after about thirty seconds of operation and will close again when the fan has completed a run on period after being switched off. With an extensive choice of colour options available (chrome is not available for all models) it will readily look at home in any location, in any surroundings and any environment. Follow the You Tube link below to see one manâ??s experience when using an Icon Extractor fan for the first time.