Comic Milton Jones At Fastlec AIEW AGM 2012

Don't they brush up well!

Group mugshot of the ADR Fastlec team celebrating ten years of AIEW membership at The Holiday Inn Stratford Upon Avon in October 2012. From left to right: Robin Laverick, John Everton, Antonello Muddle, Tim Yarnold, Duncan Howse, Dave Haddock, Jay Laverick, Steve Wade and Robert Howse.

The AIEW once again put on an impressive trade show with a great turn out of major manufacturers and suppliers of electrical installation items to the UK market. After the show, AIEW members were treated to posh nosh and too many drinks while being entertained by none other than top comic of the hour "Milton Jones" (Regular Contestant On Channel 4's Mock The Week). After a minimum amount sleep, the team went on to play like the golf gods they think they are at the excellent Warwickshire Golf Course (Scorecards all got lost quite quickly after the event so unfortunately we won't be able to post those results here). We haven't seen Jay since that day and we believe he may still be attempting to get out of a bunker on the 14th. Big thanks to the AIEW (Andy and Andy) for putting on another great do and of course to all of the suppliers for attending (and paying) for us all to have such a good day/night/day.