Continuous DMEV Bathroom Fans

Continuous dMEV Bathroom Extractor Fans

Decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation (dMEV) is a more efficient and cost-effective way of extracting stale air from the periphery of the building through its facades. It can be used in conjunction with other ventilation systems to provide an integrated solution for indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort.

Constant Volume, Continuously Running Extract Ventilation

The concept of extract ventilation has been around for a while now, but with the increase in the cost of utilities and the popularity of green building techniques, many people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. One way to do so is by installing a constant volume extract fan. This type of system will continuously run at a set speed regardless of whether or not there is any airflow coming into the room.

Choosing a dMEV Fan

The newest innovation in technology, the Continuous DMEV Bathroom Extractor Fan, is the most advanced and efficient fan on the market today. This new design eliminates any downtime due to breakage and repairs. Instead of a motor that runs at all times, this fan features a permanent magnet that turns off and on with sensors that detect moisture. The result is a fan that works without noise or vibration.

Designing a Decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation System

When designing your system, it is important to factor in the amount of ventilation you need based on the total cubic metres that are being exhausted.

Continuous versus Intermittent Extractor Fans

Some people prefer a continuous extractor fan in their bathroom. What is a continuous extractor fan? Continuous extractor fans run all the time. They are more energy-efficient and less noisy when running constantly. If you're looking to save money on your electricity bill, this might be the way to go. If you are in need of a continuous bathroom extractor fan, then DMEV fans are for you. These powerful ventilation appliances will keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. With a DMEV Bathroom Extractor Fan, you can be sure to never have a smelly bathroom again.

Are dMEV Fans Cheap to Run?

Due to the fact that dMEV fans run in low-wattage trickle mode most of the time, they do not use much power at all. This means that these fans are very economical to operate. You won't even notice how much it costs to run one! The only thing you'll see is an increase in comfort as well as savings on your electric bills.


For many years, people have had to live with the uncomfortable and unhealthy effects of mold. Mold can grow on any surface - your shower curtain or your wallpaper, for example - and it can also collect on the surfaces of your bathroom. One way to create a healthier environment is to use a dMEV extractor fan in your bathroom.

Building Regulations Approved Document F System 3

Building Regulations Approved Document F System 3 is a new regulation that many building owners are happy to see. This regulation aims to conserve energy valuable resources by promoting the use of more efficient light bulbs, heating elements, bathroom extractor fans, and air conditioners. One of the changes in this new regulation is the approval of the Continuous DMEV Bathroom Extractor Fan.

dMEV Fan Maintenance

A dMEV bathroom fan should be cleaned and inspected for dirt, grime, and mold twice a year. This will ensure that the fan is not collecting airborne particles which could lead to the growth of mold. It’s important to make sure your exhaust system vents properly because a faulty or clogged vent could create a hazardous level of moisture in your home which could contribute to health problems.

Greenwood Airvac Unity dMEV Fans

Greenwood Airvac Unity dMEV Fans are available in three different sizes to fit any application need. These exhaust fans are for use in mechanical ventilation systems to control air pressure, monitor air quality, and provide adequate fresh air levels. The Unity series features a unique design that prevents unrestricted airflow, so energy consumption is optimized by matching the fan to the appropriate space.

Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Centra dMEV Fans

Vent Axia's new Lo-Carbon Centra dMEV fan is a quiet and energy-efficient bathroom, kitchen, utility extractor fan that features a wide range of applications. There is a patented built-in damper for this quiet and energy-efficient fan which prevents air from being pushed back into the room it has been extracted from.

Vent Axia Reponse 7 dMEV Fans

In winter, wet, humid air from the bathroom can make the space feel colder and uncomfortable. Vent Axia’s Response 7 dMEV fans are a great way to keep this from happening. This high-performance extractor fan will remove that damp, stale air and leave you feeling refreshed. The silent running output is designed for noise-free operation in your home.


In order to extend the life of your bathroom, installing a continuous DMEV extractor fan is highly recommended. This kind of fan will be able to remove moisture from the air, lowering the chance of mold and mildew contamination. It will also bring in new air and circulate it throughout your bathroom, meaning that it doesn't have to be as humid or stale inside. With these improvements, your health will improve immensely.

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