Handy Dryers Hand Dryers

Handy Dryers Hand Dryers

Handy Dryers hand dryer range is kept intentionally small to ensure the high standard and quality of each item within it.  

Units are both Hygienic and quiet

The Gorillo range features hand dryers that have become the leaders in their class.  They are designed specifically for use in commercial environments of all sizes and are found in leading restaurants, offices and hotels throughout the UK.

Better performance and lower energy consumption together with enhanced features and sensible operating costs and the driving force behind this range of modern innovative hand dryers providing innovative features such as the brushless motor and separate water tanks.

Let us start with the blade system. Handy Dryers The Gorillo uses a twin blade system which literally propels water from your hands. Unlike similar units the Gorillo collects the excess water in a conspicuously positioned tray located at the bottom of the unit. This tray can be easily removed for emptying ensuring the washroom floor remains dry and safe. 

The Kangarillo hand dryer is a high speed wall mounted high speed hand drying unit constructed in a stylish top grade stainless steel casing.  It is only 1.4kW with an impressive 75dB noise output and whilst using less energy than other wall mounted hand dryers the drying time has not been compromised and will dry hands in only 10-12 seconds.