Airflow ecoDRY Hand Dryers

Airflow ecoDRY - Blades In A Compact Hand Dryer

A great looking hand dryer, that uses the latest 'Blade' focused hot air streams to 'wipe' and dry your hands extremely quickly and efficiently. A blue LED down light also helps you to focus the airflow.

Increased Hygiene

Airflow have used 'silver' impregnation techniques to eradicate bacteria build up on the surface of their dryers by up 99.9%. An integrated HEPA filter removes 99.997% of airborne bacteria ensuring your hands are not only dry but ultra-clean as well.

Energy Efficient Performance

Perhaps the most outstanding achievement of this product is its ability to achieve incredibly low drying times with a 550w motor. Up against its competitors, many of whom use 1600 to 2350 watts to achieve the same performance, the energy and monetary savings are potentially huge.