Hager Design 10 Consumer Units

Metal Hager Consumer Units Compliant With the Latest Wiring Regulations

Hager consumer units enable you to fully comply with current legislation and offer a comprehensive range of high quality, well designed, solutions.

  • Available in either single row (2 to 20 ways) or dual row (12 to 40 ways)
  • Full din rail included with either 63A, 80A or 100A disconnector incoming device
  • Type A RCD options
  • Surge protection options
  • Arc protection options
  • Earthing, neutral terminals and busbar included along with marking labels
  • Use RCBOs on outgoing ways if using on TT systems
  • Optional VA10MT cable clamp also recommended with TT systems
  • All Hager Design 10 consumer units come with rear, bottom and top knockouts
  • Many Hager consumer units now available with round knockouts as well
  • Hager consumer unit options: Switch Disconnector, RCCB Incomer, Time Delayed RCCB Incomer, Split Load, High Integrity, Multi Tariff
  • Can be used with the following Hager device types: MCBs, RCBOs, Surge Protection

Please contact us for prices on project quotes and large quantities.


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