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What Consumer Unit Should I Buy?

Firstly, if you're not a qualified electrician, we would seriously advise you to consult one and if at all possible buy the consumer unit through them. Correct consumer unit selection depends on your existing installation and the current wiring regulations (which change more often than you might think).

Electricians are required to purchase thousands of pounds worth of complex test equipment in order to make sure that the completed installation is totally safe and complies with the latest regulations. Many will not entertain checking somebody else's work as this is often impractical due to the cables being inaccessible afterward.

How Much To Fit A Consumer Unit?

This depends on the size of the dwelling and the complexity of the existing circuit layout. Basically, a bigger home would need a larger, more expensive consumer unit.

Other factors affecting the price would be whether you would like a flush mounted or surface mounted consumer unit. If your consumer unit is going to be seen, then a flush unit looks a lot neater but does require a fair bit of extra work from the electrician and the flush units also tend to cost a bit more money.

Dual RCD boards with MCBs are cheaper than Isolator boards with RCBOs, but an earth fault will take out every circuit on that RCD which is often a nuisance.

Surge protection devices (SPD) are a fairly common recommendation and not worth skimping on when you consider the overall price of the project and the safety benefit that they provide.

The most expensive way to replace a consumer unit is to not involve a qualified electrician and end up buying something unsuitable for the dwelling and then have to ask an electrical engineer to replace it with the correct item whilst correcting the wiring.

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