Domus Thermal Duct Insulation

Domus Thermal Duct Insulation

Modern homes are exposed to the risk of losing a valuable source of energy such as when using warm exhaust air to heat the fresh, cooler, incoming air through an MVHR system or exhaust air heat pump.

The Domus Thermal Duct Insulation range is made up of EPS insulation components that have been designed to insulate either round or rectangular domestic ventilation ducting that passes through cold areas.  By using thermal duct insulation head loss is dramatically reduces and condensation is virtually eliminated.

The insulation is easy to install and can be fitted efficiently and quickly without the need for any gluing or taping.

Domus thermal products are totally recyclable and when in stalled in accordance with the published installation guidelines the life expectancy is greater than that of the Domus duct system.

To support the system PVC coated, perforates steel banding is availab le for surface mounting or suspending the insulated system.  This banding ensures that the insulated duct is not damaged when secured.

Moulded cutting guides are incorporated into each 1m long component to make trimming easier and the first cutting guide is also set to allow lengths to be cut back to incorporate duct fittings.

The silver EPS used in the manufacture of Domus Thermal provides a much improved thermal conductivity value due to the addition of specifically engineered carbon particles. This is what gives Domus Thermal its distinctive and recognisable silver colour.