Xpelair DX XX VX Axial Fans

Xpelair DX100 and XX100 Single Speed Axial Extract Fans

The Xpelair DX100 and XX100 fans are stylishly designed compact single speed extractor fans which is truly easy to install.  It is suitable for domestic installations such as bathrooms and shower rooms (including zones 1 and 2) and toilets.  It is also suitable for use in commercial environments such as hotel bathrooms, office toilets and other small rooms.

 The entire range have a soft curved 'flowline' grille which will complement any wall or ceiling decor and a compact window installation is ensured by the shallow depth of the outlet spigot.

DX100 Standard Fan Features

  • Single speed axial unit
  • Operated by a remote switch (In a bathroom normally a separate pullcord or the lighting circuit )
  • Includes universal mounting kit
  • Colour: White
  • All models are supplied with a universal mounting kit making them suitable for wall, ceiling and window mounting (in single glazing up to 6mm) applications.
  • All models are IPX5 rated and BEAB approved, demonstrating accredited levels of safety.
  • They are all suitable for 220-240V 50Hz mains operation, have lubricated for life motors,
  • Class B insulation for operation in ambient temperatures up to 40 degrees Centigrade 
  • Fitted with a thermal cut out.
  • DX100 range complete with Universal Mounting Kit for Wall, Window, Ventilation Shaft and Ceiling mounting options
  • Surpasses IEE wiring regulations for zones 1 & 2 of bathroom
  • Softly curved flowline grille
  • Air Operated Back Draught Shutter
  • Finger Guarding for additional safety protection
  • Lubricated for life motors fitted with a thermal cut-out
  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee


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