Vortice Atex E Series Fans

Vortice Atex E Series Fans

The Vortice Atex E Series of fans are axial plate mounted fans specifically for use in potentially explosive areas.  They are designed for either wall or ceiling installations and can even be ducted.

The classification and identification of the environment in which the fans are installed must be carried out by the relevant authority.

The product specification is as follows:-

  • The range consists of fourteen models, five of which are single phase and nine are three phase.
  • The entire range is ATEX certified for use in areas at risk of explosion due to gases and/or dust particles
  • The range offers airflow of up to 6900 cubic metres per hour and high pressures over 200Pa
  • The units have a constant operating temperature of between -20deg C and + 40deg C
  • The entire range has ATEX certified asynchronous induction motors
  • All fans have impellers with aluminium hubs and plastic blades
  • All fans have frames with double coated sheet steel mesh and nozzle
  • The fans feature double-coated galvanised steel wire mesh over the outlet port
  • All single phase models have an explosion proof casing housing the condenser
  • ATEX certified electrical connection via metal cable gland
  • The fans are finished in a protective base coat and polyurethane finishing paint
  • IP65 Protection classification
  • Class 1 Insulation
  • All units are constructed in compliance with EN14986 standards which govern the design of fans operating in potentially explosive areas
  • IMQ 10 ATEX 030 x certified



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