Vortice Atex Fans

Vortice Atex Fans

Designed by Vortice for use in areas with a potential for explosion.

  • Areas considered as being at risk of explosion are those in thich an explosive atmosphere may form at levels requjiring safety precautions in order o ensure the safet of workers.
  • Flamable and/or combustible substances are considered substances which may form an explosive atmosphere unless an examination of their charateristics has not demonstrated that they could cause an explosion when mixed with air.

Product Classification

The European Directive establishes an initial divide betwen equipment intended for environments with a firedamp (group I) and other environments (group II).

Group I includes all equipment intended for use in mines and the associated plants and

Group II encompasses a vast range of plant applications ranging from industrial chemicals to small scale cake producers.  Group II is also for products and equipment intended for use in areas where explosive atmospheres may form if gas or dust is present.

Zones and Categories can be combined as per the following table.

Explosive Atmosphere


Equipment Protection


Usage Zone

with GAS



Usage Zone

with DUST



Always Present (or present

for long periods)

Very High 0 1G 20 1D

Very Likely (during routine 


High 1 2G 21 2D

Not Likely (occasiional or

present only for short periods)

Normal 2 3G 22 3D

Please note that equipment belonging to higher categories may also be used for lower categories: for example equipment suitable for Zones 20 or 21 may also be used in Zone 22

Vortice equipment falls into Group II category 2GD (Zone 1 - 21) and these products are also suitable for use in Zone 2 - 22.





Vortice Atex Fans Categories

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