Vent Axia Lo Carbon T Series Wall Fans

Vent Axia Lo Carbon T Series Wall Fans

The LoWatt T-Series of wall fans from Vent Axia are fitted with a low energy DC motor which has been developed not only to lower running costs and maintain reliability but also to reduce running costs.

The fans have been designed for installation through most wall thicknesses by using a telescopic liner which is supplied with each model in the range and conduit entry is provided to allow for concealed wiring..

When the T-Series range is used in conjunction with Vent-Axia ventilation accessories in flexible and rigid ducting systems or using a fixing plate to mount into walls or above ceilings it will meet the installation requirements of the most stringent project specification.

Integral instantaneous automatic louvre shutters concealed behind the interior grille are fitted into all fans in this range and will meet today's requirements for high energy savings. With a LoWatt T-Series Controller the fan will operate on both extract and intake and is suitable for mounting at any angle.  Quiet operation is provided as the shutter is electronically controlled by an actuator with a damped action and the interlocking edges of the shutter blades provide maximum backdraught protection when the unit is used with a LoWatt T-Series controller.

Models are available as standard or with wireless control.  The wireless controller uses unique digital signals which will ensure trouble free operation through walls and floors to a distance of up to 30 metres making the wireless models ideal for use in areas where visible wiring would be considered unacceptable such as public meeting places, banks, hospitals, laboratories, schools, public houses, shops etc.

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Model Extract(cu.mts/hr) Extract(cu.mts/hr) Extract(cu.mts/hr)






at 240V

Low Medium High
Lo-Carbon TX9WL Wireless 326 562 732 27 39 0.31
Lo-Carbon TX9WL Wired 326 562 732 27 39 0.31
Lo-Carbon TX12WL Wireless 660 1355 1650 68 48 0.70
Lo-Carbon TX12WL Wired  660 1355 1650 68 48 0.70


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