Silavent Mayfair Classic Centrifugal Fans

Silavent Mayfair Classic Centrifugal Fans

The Mayfair Classic range from Silavent has been and remains one of their most successful products over the last forty years.

 The range consists of centrifugal fans, mounted on rubber bushes to significantly reduce vibration.  The units are supplied in two parts, firstly a fire protected building in frame that reduces initial cost and secondly a plug-in fan body with fire shutters fitted.  Mayfair Classic fans are IPX4 rated with thermal overload protection and are covered by a three year warranty on all models.

This Classic design provides exceptional ease of both maintenance and replacement and offers impressive pressure performance making them the ideal choice for use when longer duct runs are required.

Both single and twin speed models are available in this range.

Product Selector

Model Speed Timer
MAY102B         Single     
MAY202B Single
MAY402B Twin