Silavent Mayfair 70 Push Fit Specification Fans

Silavent Mayfair 70 Push Fit Specification Fans

The Mayfair Series 70 push fit fans are designed to be installed in two parts.  Firstly, the building-in frame to reduce the initial installation cost and on-site damage and secondly the plug-in fan body which allows easy maintenance and replacement.

This system has been used effectively for over 40 years and has proved to be highly successful on large building projects.

The unit itself is constructed of high gloss ABS and has a motor mounted on rubber bushes which provides a high pressure performance coupled with an exceptionally quiet operation.

A mounting box is required for installation of the various models that are available in this extensive range including Low Watt, dMEV with twin speed, Low Voltage with twin speed as well as pullcord, timer, humidistat and PIR options.

Technical Data

        Low Watt
Description 230V SELV (230V/12V)  230V
Maximum Extract Volume (cu.m/hr)    High 70 Low 43 70 High 72 Low 12
Maximum Extract Volume (lts/sec)   High 19     Low 12   19   High 20     Low 12  
Maximum Pressure (Pa) 105 105 105
Supply Frequency (Hz) 50 50 50
Maximum Power (W) High 35 Low 20 45 High 10 Low 6
Maximum Sound dB(A) at 3 metres High 22 Low 12 22 High 22 Low 12
Weight (kgs) Fan only 1.7 1.7 1.7
IP Rating X4 X4 inc. transformer X4
Maximum Temperature 40 40 40
Warranty 3 years 3 years 3 years


Product Selector

Models Available SELV Low Watt


Twin Speed

Pullcord Timer Humidistat PIR
MSS070B Y Y          
MPC070B     Y Y      
MTD070B Y Y     Y    
MCC070B Y Y     Y Y  
MIR070B         Y   Y
MTS070B   Y Y        
MTT070B   Y Y   Y    
MCT070B   Y Y Y Y Y  


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