Silavent Curzon 100mm Centrifugal Fans

Silavent Curzon 100mm Centrifugal Fans

The Curzon range of 100mm Centrifugal Fans are ideal for use in bathrooms and toilets where longer duct runs may be required.

Built to the highest specification, these fans are easy to  install and the motor is mounted onto rubber bushes making the fans exceptionally quiet in operation.

Finished in a high gloss ABS plastic and able to produce a high level pressure performance, the unit is able to extract up to eighty cubic metres of air along a longer ducting run.

The fans are suitable for wall or ceiling mounting and are best used with Silavent 100mm duct and flat duct.  The fans can also be used with an integral fire shutter backplate which is rated to 1 hour.

A pullcord model is available in the range but this model is unsuitable for ceiling mounting.

Models fitted with a humidistat control benefit from the 'intelligent' electronic humidity technology.  This 'intellignet' humidistat reacts to any significant change in humidity rather than rely on a pre-set humidity level to trigger the unit into action.

SELV models are specifically designed for use within the bath or shower areas.  Models with either an overrun timer or a humidistat are available and a low voltage supply is from the transformed which is supplied with each SELV model.  Transformers are to be located outside the splash zone but all fans are suitable for siting within this area.  The transformer may be fitted up to eight metres from the fan itself.

Designed with ease of both installation and use as a key priorities, the Curzon Range is ideally suited to the social housing and refurbishment market.