Vent Axia Tempra Heat Recovery Units

Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Tempra Heat Recovery Units

The Vent Axia Lo Carbon Tempra Heat Recovery Unit is a revolutionary patented technology heat recovery unit that is suitable for installation through a 102mm circular hole. The Tempra units are designed for use in bathrooms, toilets and utility areas.


Versatile Control - It is possible to switch on and off or from trickle to boost speeds in several ways, for example Switched Live, Pullcord or Humidistat, Overrun and also Delay Start Timers are available.

Summer Settings - The extract only Summer Setting allows you to keep cool by closing off the intake from the outside and reduce the amount of warm air entering the building.

Continuous or Intermittent Flow Rates - It is possible to set the air flows to quiet, low speed continuous rates or high speed intermittent boost rates.

Low Energy Consumption, Low Noise - The units are supplied with a 24V ECDC motor and state of the art built in power supply.  This has the ability to operate at only 2 Watts on a normal setting which equates to a 90 perent energy saving over conventional AC equivalents.

Maintenance - As well as providing fresh air, recovering heat and removing odours this unit also filters airborne impurities such as dust, dirt and grease from the air.  As you would expect, these build up and can lessen the overall appearance and efficiency of the unit.  To keep the units working at optimum rates we have included, with all units, instructions on how the heat exchanger should be regularly cleaned.

The Vent Axia Lo Carbon Tempra is available with

  • pullcord control,
  • timer control 
  • humidistat timer and pullcord control


All models in this range are also available in SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage)

The units are suitable for installation into external walls up to 318mm thick and all installations can be carried out from inside a building.

To facilitate ease of maintenance and installation the Tempra's simple construction is not difficult to fit in the same location as an existing 100mm diameter fan and offers easy access to the heat exchanger for regular maintenance.

Under the Building Regulations Document F, continuous an running products such as the Lo Carbon Tempra are only required to move an amount of air as laid down in table 5.1a of Document F.

Special Features

  • Revolutionary patented technology
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • 80percent temperature based heat recovery
  • Fits 100mm diameter hole
  • Meets the Building Regulation
  • Continuous or intermittent flow rates
  • Low energy consumption, low noise
  • SELV for safetySummer setting
  • Controls condensation and eliminates mould
  • Set Ascending Direction
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  • Set Ascending Direction
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