Greenwood Airvac SK200 Extractor Fans

Greenwood Airvac SK200 Extractor Fans

The SK200 Range of centrifugal extractor fans from Greenwood are ideally suited to be either surface mounted or recessed into kitchen walls or ceilings.  Various models in the range offer both single and dual speed options and they are provided with both side and rear spigot options with a spigot airflow adaptor and can be installed in any orientation.  

The first fix backplate ensures a quick and easy installation and the main body becomes isolated once removed from the backplate.

The units are constructed in ABS plastic with an easy to clean white gloss finish together with a washable metal grease filter.

All fans in the SK200 range are covered by a two year warranty.

Product Selector

Model Operation Voltage

Performance to

BS848 Pt.1 in free air


Sound Pressure

 Level @ 3m

cu m/hour litres/sec Low dB(A) Max dB(A)

Dual speed with pullcord

230 238 (61)* 66(17)*


23 50

Single speed with ovedrrun timer

230 238 66 80W 23 50

Dual speed with integral humidistat, timer

and pullcord

230 238 (61)* 66 (17)*

80W (22W)*

23 50

*Figures in brackets denote performance data when fan is set to slow operation