Greenwood Airvac RF90 Centrifugal Recessed Fan

Greenwood Airvac RF90 Centrifugal Recessed Fan

The Greenwood Airvac RF90 Centrifugal Recessed Fans from Greenwood Airvac are a range of 100mm recessed centrifugal fans each with an integral filter.

They are suitable for wall, ceiling or panel installations and the backplate can be fully installed before the fan and motor assembly are fixed, making them simple to install.  The innovative screw fix design incorporated into this range of fans also allows for fast ceiling installation.

The units are manufactured from ABS plastic with a PVC exhaust seal and the satin white finish ensures that this range of fans will suit any location or environment providing a stylish and discreet installation to meet even the most stringent client specifications.

Product Selector

Model Operation   IP   Voltage

Performance to

BS848 Pt 1 in free air

Sound Pressure
Normal Slow Normal
cu m/hour litres/second cu m/hour litres/second dB(A)
RF90B Single Speed 44 230 75 21 - - 41
RF90TW Single speed with timer adjustable to 30 mins     44 230 75 21 - - 41
RF90HTW      Single Speed with humidistat and timer 44 230 75 21 - - 41
RF90DTW Dual Speed with delay on timer 44 230 82 23 30 8 41


Power consumption is 20W (10W for the RF90DTW on slow speed)

RF90 fans are all IP44 rated and are covered by a two year warranty.

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    Model: RF90FIL
    £5.99 £4.99 ex VAT
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    Model: RF90BW
    £49.20 £41.00 ex VAT
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    Model: RF90DTW
    £86.26 £71.88 ex VAT
    Fastlec3 Days Delivery
  4. Greenwood Airvac RF90HTW Humidistat Timer Fan

    Model: RF90HTW
    £110.10 £91.75 ex VAT
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    Model: RF90TW
    £72.13 £60.11 ex VAT
    In stock
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