Greenwood Airvac PD1 and P1 Extractor Fans

Greenwood Airvac P Range of Extractor Fans

Greenwood Airvac P fans are centrifugal surface mounted fans suitable for surface, ceiling and wall mounted applications.  

Suitable for one or two room ventilation they feature a self balancing double inlet impeller which eliminates the requirement to adjust on site irrespective of the ducting used.

There are six options of inlet exhaust configureations and a timer module may be fitted at the time of installation or retrospectively to suit any customer specifications.

The units are constructed in white ABS plastic with a rubber mounting seal and with an adhesive foam seal for the exhaust spigot.

Product Selector

Model Operation

Performance to

BS848 Pt1. in free air

Sound Pressure

level @ 3 metres

cu m/hr litres/sec dB(A)

Single speed fan with operation by room light/remote

switch/remote sensor


Single speed. Duplicte fan with second standby

fan and motor


A built in overrun timer module (TA Timer)  is available for use with both the P1 and PD1 fans

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