Greenwood Airvac EL150 Extractor Fans

Greenwood Airvac EL150 Extractor Fans

The EL150 range of axial flow fans from Greenwood Airvac are a range of150mm axial flow fans suitable for wall and window installations in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and utility rooms.

They are constructed of ABS plastic to a modern stylish design in a white satin finish resulting in a high quality range of fans with an electronically operated shutter design.

The EL150SCPC model has been designed with an adjustable speed for use in combustable environments.  This added feature takes away the risk of any dangerous gases being drawn back down any open flues into the dwelling.  

This additional feature has been designed in partnership with Local Authorities and Housing Associations who have given it thier wholehearted approval and endorsement.

Product Selector

Model Operation    IP    Voltage

Performance to

BS848 Pt.1 in free air


Sound Pressure

 Level @ 3m

cu m/hour litres/sec

Single speed

24 230 266 73



Single speed with pullcord

24 230 266 73 25W 45

Dual speed with Humidistat and


24 230 266 (65)* 73 (18)*

25W (16W)*


Single speed with humidistat, timer and

remote operation

24 230 266 73 26W 45

Speed adjustable with pullcord

24 230 72 - 26678 20 - 75 25W 30

Single speed Utility Room Fan

24  230 227 63 30W 40

denotes performance when fan is operated on the 'slow' setting

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