Airflow QuietAir Fans

The Airflow QuietAir range of fans are virtually silent and use only a tiny amount of energy.

Many toilet and bathroom fans are wired to the light circuit and they start costing money by coming on every time you flick the light switch on. QuietAir eco start technology (available on the tImer and humidistat versions only) waits to activate the fan for two minutes after the room is occupied, thereby avoiding unnecessary energy usage for every quick visit, especially during the night. Even when the fan does start you will hardly notice the electricity meter moving because at only 5 watts power consumption it is significantly more efficient than most comparable fans.

Elegance and style has not been overlooked with a discreet, unobtrusive, clip on, wipe clean cover that blends harmoniously with existing decor.

The use of a ball bearing motor also extends fan life in excess of 40,000 hours. A key benefit for social housing installations where long term reliability and low level maintenance and whole life costings are an important issue.

It is just as inefficient to over ventilate as it is to have inadequate ventilation to prevent condensation and remove moisture. So another helpful feature is the two speed mode. Air flow rates of 75 m3/hr or 90 m3/hr may be selected at installation enabling the fan to be sized to the required demand particularly in larger washrooms.

Furthermore, unlike most axial fans, QuietAir incorporates a new, high efficiency impeller specially designed to work in combination with the aerodynamic flow straighter supplied to provide greater pressure development than equivalent fans. This allows QuietAir to deliver 60 m3/hr (16.6 l/sec) against 31Pascals pressure through longer lengths of 100mm diameter rigid ducting including 90 degree bends, while maintaining the minimum installed performance quoted in the Building Regulations, Approved Document F.

A unique feature available on the Timer version of the QuietAir Fan is the Room Refresh option. Perfect for rooms that do not get regular use the Interval Timer can be programmed to automatically activate the fan for the duration of the timer setting, every 4, 8, 12 or 24 hours. Hotel rooms, student accommodation, public washrooms and internal bathrooms in sheltered housing and care homes will benefit from this planned ventilation to reduce dampness, extract mustiness and odours and generally help to routinely maintain a refreshed, healthier indoor atmosphere.

Within the fan all electronics are fully isolated and with IP45 protection, QuietAir is safe for installation in wet zones in bathrooms, en-suites and shower rooms when protected by an MCB in accordance with the latest IEE wiring regulations.

A combination of control options for Basic switching, Adjustable timer, Humidity and Timer and Motion sensing with Timer are offered together with cavity wall kits and complementary accessories. Backed by a 3-year warranty QuietAir is a fully featured fan designed to meet the future need for ultra energy efficient ventilation.

Quietair humidity, sensor and timer fans will work without an additional permanent live, but if you need the timer over-run function then you will need 2 lives and a neutral feed.

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