Airflow Loovent ECO Extractor Fans

Airflow Loovent ECO Multifunction Extractor Fans For Bathrooms, Utility Rooms or Kitchens

The Airflow Loovent ECO Extractor Fans are an addition to the Loovent range.  They feature models with either two speed intermittent function or three speed continuous ventilation.

The specific fan power of this range, only 0.3 w/l/sec, which is significantly less than the intermittent flow requirements set down in the 2010 Building Regulations which specify 0.5 w/l/sec and long term reliability is assured by the low energy DC motor.

Loovent Eco fans can be either surface or recessed mounted  in either a portrait or landscape aspect which minimises any 'making good'.  They are very quiet in operation at less than 30dB and are IPX rated making them suitable for location in Zone1 and Zone 2 when used with an RCD or with a consumer unit that has an RCD function.


The Loovent ECO range functions include:-

  • Timer which is adjustable from 2 to 45 minutes with a 2 minute delay start option
  • Humidity sensor which is adjustable from 40 - 90 per cent
  • Humidity and timer which combines the above two functions
  • Motion Sensor and Timer - the fan is activated by movement in conjunction with the timer options
  • Pullcord Override available on all fans with the added safety measure of the pull-cord having a section that is designed to break should a child become tangled
  • Intermittent fan models are supplied with a backdraught flap in the box as a precaution against no external gravity flaps being available
  • The fan has a very small footprint which is the same size as older models to ensure quick and easy replacement
  • This range of fans are ideal for both new build and refurbishment projects and the 30 litre model is suitable for installation adjacent to a hob in the kitchen (within 1 metre)
  • The DMEV fan has timer functionality and has two continuous ventilation settings selectable on installation
  • For bathrooms trickle is 9 litres per second with a boost of 15 litres per second (to achieve 9 litres per second it is necessary to fit a cone to the spigot)  and for kitchens or utility rooms trickle is 16 litres per second with a boost to 31 litres per second
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