Fastvent Ceiling Sweep Fans

Fastvent Ceiling Sweep Fans

The Fastvent Ceiling Sweep Fan is designed to improve the working environment.  In the Summer when the atmosphere is often extremely hot and stifling the Fastvent fans operate on a high setting which provides comforting relief immediately by cooling the air and moving it over a wide area.  This is achieved by ensuring a room is well ventilated allowing fresh air to be brought into the room and allowing stale are to escape.

Alternatively, in cold weather, as the warm air rises and, providing the roof is well insulated to prevent heat loss, a Fastvent fan will control the upward convection of heat and redistribute it evenly throughout the room which means that consequently the warm air will be kept at comfortable working-level longer.

Installing sweep fans could reduce heating bills by up to 30% and even with an insulated building, savings of 10% can be achieved.

All models can be operated by an optional remote controller, which is available separately, and which will then allow reverse operation for complete versatility.

To provide automatic control all Fastvent fans have an integral anti-vibration bobbin and a continuously rated capacitor to start and run the external rotor motor and to provide extra long life the motor incorporates two sets of caged ball bearings.

The Fastvent Controllers can be used to control a single fan or a group of up to six fans.