Steinel Professional Sensors

Steinel Professional Sensors provide extra security, greater convenience and lower energy costs across the globe.

All of the benefits at a glance:

  • Safety, convenience and energy saving because light comes “ON” automatically
  • Automation of existing lights and lighting systems
  • Large detection zone through Steinel multi-sensor technology
  • No blind spots thanks to Steinel multi-lens technology
  • Light threshold and “ON” time adjustable to suit needs
  • High switching capacity
  • Easy installation
  • Attractive design
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  1. Steinel IHF 3D High Frequency Motion Sensors ...

    Model: 0075IHF3D
    £124.70 £103.92 ex VAT
    In stock
  2. Steinel SensIQ Black Multifunction PIR

    Model: 029579
    £109.76 £91.47 ex VAT
    Fastlec2 Days Delivery
  3. Steinel SensIQ Stainless Steel Effect Multifu...

    Model: 029586
    £117.53 £97.94 ex VAT
    Fastlec2 Days Delivery
  4. Steinel SensIQ White Multifunction PIR

    Model: 029562
    £105.36 £87.80 ex VAT
    Fastlec2 Days Delivery
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