Rointe Radiators

Rointe Radiators - A Great Alternative To Traditional Storage Heaters

The Rointe Digital Electric Radiators in the K Series offer low power consumption while at the same time maintaining a comfortable level of heat.  This is due to the Optimizer Energy Plus system which allows the heaters to use only necessary energy ‘in the moment’.  Once the temperature has been set the system maintains this to a margin of plus or minus 0.25 degrees C.  This stable temperature maintenance ensures a much improved comfort level. 

The Rointe Digital System does not require to be used in combination with any other form of heating unlike systems using storage heaters or panel heaters.

Independent laboratory tests to ascertain performance levels for Rointe heaters used a 1,430W model in conditions replicating a twelve square metre room with a thermostat setting of 21 degrees C over a 24 hour period. 

The average power that was needed was just 560W and this represents 40% of the nominal power with a 60% ratio of no consumption. 

When the heaters are in operation, set at 21 degrees C, the surface temperature is only approximately 40 degrees C, which proves to be a great benefit when used in the vicinity of children, the elderly or in a public space, reducing the risk of accidents.

The radiators can be fully remote controlled, and programmable over 24 hours seven days a week by using temperature settings via a remote control or a control pad on the radiator itself.

The radiators are finished in a white epoxy resin which has been oven dried, which allows the units to keep their white finish without degradation over time.

Seven sizes of radiator are available ranging from 330W at 360mm width through to 1600W at a width of 1320mm and are supplied with a template, installation kit and safety bracket, making them easy to install, and perfect for use in any sized room.

Advantages of using the Rointe K Series Radiators include

  • Boilers and pipes are not necessary for the system
  • No structural work is required when installling or upgrading existing sytems
  • No fumes or chimneys to detract from the aesthetics or comfort levels
  • Maintenance free
  • The system does not use combustable or explosive materials


See for yourself the revelutionary heating system that is the Rointe K Series, low consumption, electric radiators

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