Aico 140 Mains Alarms with Alkaline Batteries

The Aico Ei140 series mains voltage alarms are ideal for private properties as they come with a replaceable alkaline batery for backup.  They can be hard wired or fitted wirelessly with the Ei168 Radio Base.

All units feature a test/hush button and are supplied with a five year warranty as standard.

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  1. Aico EI127 Surface Mount Kit

    Model: EI127
    £3.01 £2.51 ex VAT
    Fastlec5 Days Delivery
  2. AICO EI128R Relay Base

    Model: EI128R
    £27.72 £23.10 ex VAT
    Fastlec5 Days Delivery
  3. Aico EI128RBU Mains Powered Relay with Rechar...

    Model: EI128RBU
    £47.88 £39.90 ex VAT
    Fastlec5 Days Delivery
  4. AICO EI141RC Mains Ionisation Smoke Detectors...

    Model: EI141RC
    £22.84 £19.03 ex VAT
    In stock
  5. AICO EI144RC Mains Heat Detectors Alkaline

    Model: EI144RC
    £37.26 £31.05 ex VAT
    In stock
  6. AICO EI146RC Mains Optical Smoke Detectors Al...

    Model: EI146RC
    £26.77 £22.31 ex VAT
    In stock
  7. Aico Ei450 RadioLink Alarm Controller

    Model: EI450
    £52.49 £43.74 ex VAT
    Fastlec5 Days Delivery
  8. Greenbrook Ascan Flick'n Test Smoke Cani...

    Model: ASCAN
    £17.70 £14.75 ex VAT
    In stock
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