Bell Systems Extra Phones

Bell Systems Standard Telephones

The 801 telephone from Bell Systems is the most popular telephone on the market today.  This is due in the most part, in today's economic climate, to its realistic price and also to its exceptional reliability.

The telephone has recently undergone a restyling which not only enhances its already classic design but, with its extra width, is recommended for use by the elderly.

All of these points will ensure that this unit maintains its position as market leader way into the future.

The model 801 telephones operate from 12V AC or 12 V DC and is included in the standard model 900 door entry system.  

The telephones are constructed from strong and durable ABS plastic and are finished in white to ensure they will complement any location or environment and have the added advantage that the 'lock release' button is located under the handset to eliminate accidental or inadvdertant activation.

The ringtone has two levels, Hi and Lo and this can be set within the telephone on installation or can be changed at a later date if required.  In addition the ringtone also has an added safety feature in that the tone is reduced if the handset is 'off the hook'