Bell 900 Series Door Entry Systems

Bell 900 Series Door Entry Systems

The 900 series of door entry systems offer a quality product at a competitive price and is widely recognised at the industry standard.

Ease of installation is guaranteed as each system will provide all the components required when fitting a complete audio door entry system.

Each unit is supplied with a surface lock release as standard and the clever packaging of these systems lends itself perfectly to tendering, specifying distribution and installation.

The 900 Series system is made up of

  • A Model 801 telephone for each station
  • A Model SPA front door panel
  • A Model 61 speech unit (model 51 required for more than 10 ways)
  • A Model 203 surface lock release
  • A Model 212 12c AC PSU (Model 225 is required for more than 10 stations)
  • Full wiring and installation instructions

The telephone supplied (model 801) is manufactured in white high impact ABS plastic and offers a discreet installation to suit all locations together with a high level of hardwearing durability.  This unit has a wide handset and is specially recommended for use by the elderly.

The lock release is a push button located under the handset which helps to prevent accidental activation.

The electronic ringtone has an added safety feature in that the volume is reduced when the handset is 'off the hook'

The SPA panels supplied with the 900 series are manufactured to an attractive contemporary specification and offer high durability with resistance to corrosion at a realistic price. 

Should a larger panel be required these are of a more classic style and are flush fitted only.

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