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Dyson Airblade Hand Dryers

All of the Dyson Airblade hand dryers use a powerful motor to produce high speed sheets of air which literally scrape the water off your hands.  

The Airblade Mk 2 is particularly recommended for use in high traffic areas and its 430mph air flow is now acknowledged as providing the fastest and most hygienic way to dry hands.

Available in both metal and plastic casings the dryers produce at least 67 per cent less CO2 than most other dryers and 62 per cent less than when paper towels are used and disposed of.

The Airblade V Dryer with its revolutionary slim profile design with its 10 second drying time filters against bacteria and viruses in the wahstoom by using two HEPA filters to ensure only clean air is used to dry hands.  

The reduced drying time increases the savings that are made by not using and disposing of paper towels and also by the fact that the technology used eliminates the need to use a heating element.  This dryer costs up to 69 per cent less per annum than other hand dryers and a massive 97 per cent less that paper towels.

The Airblade Tap Dryer is a completely different way of hand drying.

Its revolutionary design means that any 'slip' hazards caused by wet floors are instantly eliminated as users no longer have to leave the sink area with dripping wet hands.  Floors remain dry, reducing the risk of bacteria on wet floors.

The Airblade range of dryers offer more hygienic hand drying facilities at greatly reduced energy costs, a cleaner washroom environment and a greatly reduced carbon footprint.

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