Silavent SVC100 Extractor Fans

Silavent SVC100 Extractor Fans

The SVC100 Extractor Fan is fitted with automatic shutters and is IPX4 rated.

The range includes an window fit option and  low voltage shower fit models (SELV)

Technical Data

    230V SELV
  Maximum Extract Volume(cu m/hr) 80 80
  Maximum Extract Vollume (lts/sec) 22 22
  Maximum Pressure (Pa) 16 16
  Supply Frequency 50 50
  Maximum Power (W) 12 20
  Maximum Sound dB(A)at 3m 32 36.6
      Weight (kgs) 0.6 1.5 inc. transformer
  IP Rating X4 X4
  Maximum Temperature (deg. C) 40 40
  Wall fit hole diameter (mm) 110 110
  Window fit hole diameter (mm) 127-140 127-140
  Suitable Glass Thickness 4-25 4-25
  Warranty 2 years 2 years


Product Selector

    SELV     Pullcord      Timer     Humidistat 
SVC100B Y      
SVC100PB   Y    
SVC100TB Y   Y  


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  1. Silavent SVC100B Axial Fan with Auto Shutter

    Model: SVC100B
    £34.36 £28.63 ex VAT
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  2. Silavent SVC100BLV Axial SELV Fan with Auto S...

    Model: SVC100BLV
    £68.38 £56.98 ex VAT
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  3. Silavent SVC100PB Axial Pullcord Fan with Aut...

    Model: SVC100PB
    £42.43 £35.36 ex VAT
    Fastlec5 Days Delivery
  4. Silavent SVC100TB Standard Axial Timer Fan wi...

    Model: SVC100TB
    £41.09 £34.24 ex VAT
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  5. Silavent SVC100TBLV Axial SELV Timer Fan with...

    Model: SVC100TBLV
    £88.57 £73.81 ex VAT
    Fastlec5 Days Delivery
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