MEM Memshield 3 Switchgear

MEM Memshield From Eaton

Eaton’s vast range of MEM’s Memshield 3 MCB and MCCB solutions have been pro-actively developed to meet the constantly evolving and ever challenging requirements for electrical sub-distribution applications in both industrial buildings and commercial environments.  With the ever expanding requirements in terms or regulation, Eaton prides itself on its approach to and delivery of compliance, meeting all the requirements of modern buildings.

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Contractors Designed The MEM Memshield 3 Range

Mike Lawrence, Eaton's Product Line Manager for Commercial Assemblies is quoted as saying:  "We held contractor clinics around the country while developing Memshield 3.  These revealed a number of features of the existing design that were even more important to our customers than we realised"  We believe that in Memshield 3 we have a worthy successor to Memshield 2 that sets new standards in final distribution board design."

This led to Electrical Contractors, Consulting Engineers and End Users all taking part of the comprehensive design and development process contributing both their knowledge and feedback helping to provide practical solutions to a vast range of electrical distribution applications in commercial buildings. This process has ensured that the Memshield 3 Range, a groundbreaking, new generation of final distribution boards and  associated circuit protection devices for commercial, industrial and public buildings, deliver both safe and reliable performance protection of the highest calibre, in accordance with BS EN 60439-3.

MEM Memshield 3 Style

Visually Memshield 3 has a more modern styling than its predecessor with rounded edges.  The boards are slightly larger giving ample wiring space, even when using RCBOs to meet the latest requirements of the IEE Wiring Regulations.

In addition Eaton provides a comprehensive range of modular solutions relating to circuit protection and control. The 10/15kA MCBs are high performance current limiting devices with the ability to disconnect overloads and short circuits.  Trip types B, C and D are available and offer many features and benefits to all users. RCBOs are availabe with overload protection offering protection to both people and circuits in a single module width device should space be limited. Both Double and Four pole RCCBs in various ratings and four trip sensitivities of 10, 30, 100 and 300mA

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