JCC Lighting

JCC use the latest LED technology to make fantastic, innovative lighting products for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

There are a few very good reasons why Fastlec are a major distributor of JCC Lighting products.

  • JCC's commitment to design and quality
  • JCC's formidable name in the UK market
  • JCC's commitment to stock and delivery
  • JCC's support to both ourselves and our clients
  • JCC are 15 minutes drive from our own Fastlec warehouse

JCC Lighting's obsession with continuous improvement and innovation is evidenced by how often they need to re-issue new product catalogues to keep up (2 a year at one point).

Their confidence in the quality of their lighting products allow them to offer some of the most impressive warranties in the industry.

We count ourselves lucky here to be within a short drive of JCC Lighting's massive warehouse facilities where we can offer our clients access to millions of pounds worth of JCC product off the shelf. Next day delivery of JCC product direct to client is a regular occurrence and we have found them to be highly reliable.

Access to the JCC lighting design and support teams have also given us a huge advantage in servicing our lighting customers with more and more complex requirements.

In summary, JCC Lighting have been around since 1989 and so they know both the market and the industry extremely well. You could do way worse than to trust your lighting projects with them from start to finish.

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