LED Floodlights

Great value, quality LED floods from Your Favourite Brands

BELL, JCC, Ansell, Collingwood, Timeguard all feature a large array of floodlight choice. They give a comprehensive choice from 600 lumen's all the way up to 12000 lumen's to cover all sizes of lighting project. They can all be controlled easily with pretty standard sensor controls too.

Industry leading LED floodlight innovation and sensor control from Steinel

Steinel have been beavering away with sensor controlled low energy lighting units since before anyone had even heard of it so it was no surprise when they launched their incredible XLED range. With individually replaceable LED modules, beautiful aesthetics and German component quality, they are still way out in front in the LED external lighting design field. Steinel are also keen to get involved with your design projects and offer unrivaled after sales service.

Multiple head LED floodlights from the ever popular Timeguard brand

Timeguard were also quick off the mark with a full suite of both PIR and manually operated floodlights in a choice of colours. The twin and quad floods give you extra directional options or just increase the overall output as required.

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  1. Ansell Carina LED Floodlight 50w CoolWhite C/...

    Model: ACALED50/PIR
    £51.36 £42.80 ex VAT
    Fastlec5 Days Delivery
  2. Ansell Mira LED Slim Floodlights PIR Photocel...

    Model: ANSMIRA
    £19.30 £16.08 ex VAT
    In stock
  3. Ansell Polaris AC LED Slim Floodlights Photoc...

    £116.00 £96.67 ex VAT
    In stock
  4. Bell Skyline LED Floodlights 110/ 240v 4000K ...

    Model: 044SKYLINE
    £17.26 £14.38 ex VAT
    In stock
  5. Bell Skyline PIR LED Floodlights 110/ 240v 40...

    Model: 04SKYLINEPIR
    £26.98 £22.48 ex VAT
    In stock
  6. Bell SkylinePro Commercial LED Floodlights 10...

    Model: 044SKYPROFLOOD
    £187.20 £156.00 ex VAT
    In stock
  7. Collingwood 10w 20w 30w 50w or 100w LED Flood...

    Model: FL01FLOOD
    £26.00 £21.67 ex VAT
    In stock
  8. Collingwood 10w 20w 30w 50w or 100w LED PIR F...

    Model: FL01PIRFLOOD
    £40.00 £33.33 ex VAT
    In stock
  9. ESP LED Security Light and Slave Floodlight I...

    £38.50 £32.08 ex VAT
    In stock
  10. Integral ILFLC024 50W LED Compact Tough Flood...

    Model: ILFLC024
    £29.40 £24.50 ex VAT
    Fastlec3 Days Delivery
  11. Integral ILFLC028 50W LED Compact Tough Flood...

    Model: ILFLC028
    £29.40 £24.50 ex VAT
    Fastlec3 Days Delivery
  12. JCC 30W LED Floodlight with PIR IP65 Aluminiu...

    Model: JC090005
    £31.42 £26.18 ex VAT
    Fastlec3 Days Delivery
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