Channel Resitech Smoke Alarms

Channel Resitech Smoke Alarms

The Resitech range of smoke alarms from Channel gives users the perfect choice of fire detection options in both residential and domestic environments.

This flexible range of alarms has been designed to offer ease of installation in residential premises, small commercial environments and in houses of multiple occupancy.

There are four alarms to choose from within the range and it is possible to interconnect all or any to form a domestic fire alarm system comprising of up to twenty devices.

The need for an alarm control panel is eliminated at whenever one unit is activated all detectors are triggered in unison and once the hazard has cleared all the units automatically reset.

The range combines modern stylish ergonomic design with full functionality.  It offers mains inter-linkable or wireless technology options to give the user total peace of mind.

The Range includes

 The Resitech Interconnected Ionisation Smoke Alarm is best at detecting flaming fires making this particular alarm ideal for bedrooms where bedding and clothing act as  fuel to any flames.

The Resitech Interconnected Optical Smoke Alarm is ideal to detect smoke particles from smouldering fires. This type of smoke alarm is recommended for living rooms and hallways.

Resitech Interconnected Heat Alarms are best used in areas where smoke alarms are not suitable due to potential levels of smoke and dust that could trigger a false alarm such as in kitchens and garages.

The Resitech Interconnected Carbon Monoxide Alarm can detect levels of this deadly gas before anyone comes to harm. CO detectors should be placed near any gas appliances, in boiler rooms or next to solid fuel burners where the risk is higher.

In rooms where mains interconnection is not feasible, or if you’d prefer more flexibility in your home fire alarm system, a Resitech Wireless Detector Base is available.  By replacing the standard detector base on a Resitech alarm and switching to a wireless base you then have the ability to connect your fire alarms wirelessly using radio frequencies.

For just a little additional expense, you can make you home a lot safer by installing a wireless fire alarm system in your home.  Adjusting the configuration of your alarms will be as simple as moving the alarm to a new location and if you ever want to expand your domestic fire system you can just add more detectors (up to 20 in a single system).

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