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  1. Mastering Winter Ventilation like a Pro! 

    Embracing Winter’s Chill with the Right Ventilation As the chilly breeze and snowflakes herald the arrival of the cosiest season, it's time to discuss something often overlooked: winter ventilation. You might be tempted to seal your home from the cold, but good ventilation is the key to a healthy and comfortable winter. In this blog […]
  2. Fixing Different Types Of Damp

    Fixing Different Types Of Damp

    Dampness is a common and often frustrating issue that homeowners and landlords encounter. It not only affects the aesthetic appeal of a building but can also lead to structural damage and health concerns if left untreated. Understanding the three main types of damp – condensation, rising damp, and penetrating damp – is crucial for effective […]
  3. Indoor Air Quality

    Indoor Air Quality

    As humans, we really need our daily dose of food, water, and a constant supply of air to keep going. Did you know that an adult needs over 10,000 litres of air every day? That's like taking around 20,000 breaths!  It's kind of surprising, but on average in the UK, we spend around 90% of […]
  4. Industrial Ventilation

    Industrial Ventilation

    Enhancing Workplace Health & Safety Industrial ventilation plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and productive workplace environment. It involves the process of circulating and replacing air in enclosed spaces, such as offices, factories, warehouses, and workshops, to ensure a continuous flow of fresh air and the removal of airborne contaminants. Adequate ventilation not […]
  5. The Future of Ventilation

    The Future of Ventilation

    A Transformation in the UK's Ventilation Usage The world of ventilation is undergoing a profound shift towards sustainability and energy efficiency, with significant changes on the horizon for the next decade. Traditional Intermittent Extraction systems are gradually giving way to more advanced technologies like dMEV (Decentralized Mechanical Extract Ventilation), which are set to replace MEV […]
  6. Eradicate Mould & Condensation In Your Home

    Eradicate Mould & Condensation In Your Home

    Mould and condensation can be harmful to both the structure of your home and your health. Here are some ways to eradicate mould and condensation in your home: Improve Ventilation Improving ventilation is one of the most important steps in reducing mould and condensation in your home. Here are some more details on how to […]
  7. MVHR & MEV Ventilation Update

    MVHR & MEV Ventilation Update

    Recently, the sales & management team at Fastlec had an update on the latest ventilation guidance & rule changes from Domus Ventilation Specification Manager Russell Beardsworth. Here's some of what we learned (or re-learned) New Part F Building Regulation Changes (Effective from 15th June 2022) This is the 2021 edition of the approved document which […]
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