JCC Lighting

JCC are a huge local success story around these parts.
Starting off with just a few fittings stocked in a unit on the Riverside Industrial Estate at Littlehampton in West Sussex (where we are now as it happens) in the 80's, the Calendar family grew the company rapidly and then moved to huge bespoke premises in nearby Bognor Regis. Since then they have further increased the size of their Bognor factory to accommodate  a lighting range of more than 2000 lines valued at over 6 million pounds.
Cutting edge product design.
Jump forward a few years and the company was sold to another lighting manufacturer who have heavily invested in IT structure, product design and fresh literature (main catalogue is now updated every 6 months, which is no mean feet on a range of that size). JCC Lighting now operates across the globe and are a well-known and respected name in the industry amongst both electrical wholesalers and electrical contractors.
LED technology breakthroughs
Through clever merchandising and working displays, they seem to be successfully communicating what can be a misunderstood message regarding the benefits of LED lighting over traditional light sources. This success is partly due to a clear honest approach from their marketing team that resists the urge to overstate savings and performance.
How easy is this?
As you can see, there's a lot to like about JCC Lighting, but we also love em because they are just down the road (15 minutes by Fastlec van), so we visit and collect every afternoon whatever our client's order in the morning and send it on a next day carrier direct to their door. So its a bit like we have another £6M worth of fantastic lighting stock ourselves! So if you like JCC products like we do, then why not give us a call and we'll sort you out a great price and pick it up on our afternoon JCC collection run.