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Halers H2 LED Downlights: A Lighting Breakthrough
Halers Colour Choice

There maybe some discussion about who came to the market first with a viable integrated LED downlight, but Halers is certainly the name we all know and still very much the most the popular fitting on the market.
So why are they having such a lasting impact on the LED downlight market?
Tiny 7.9W Power Consumption
This is of course where LED scores highest, as these fittings offer a huge power saving over Halogens at 50W, and a further improvement over the first generation Low Energy CFL lamps, which were typically 11 to 14 Watts at equivalent light outputs.
The reason LED lighting is so efficient is that much more of the energy consumed is converted to light, as opposed to older light sources where the vast majority of the electricity was expelled as heat. This reduction in heat output has the secondary benefit of no longer creating Hot Stuffy rooms when the lights are on for long periods.
Massive 450 Lumens Output (4000K Neutral White version)
Low power figures are all very well, but they must convert to light output in Lumens and Candelas. The Halers H2, performs well in this area to make it a good replacement of a 50W GU10, halogen lamp.
Dimmable & Non-Dimmable Versions Available
We all like different levels of light at different times of the day and for different occasions, and so the ability to dim downlights is often desirable. Traditional Incandescent and Halogen lighting was easy to dim with the existing dimmer technology, but with the advent of low energy lighting this has been more than a little bit of a headache to all of the manufacturers. Halers on the other hand seem to have nailed dimmer functionality, one of our clients reported buying a budget dimmer from a cut price High Street store and it worked like a treat with the dimmable Halers range. That being said, its best to go with Halers recommended brand 'Zano' if possible or at least test your own choice of dimmer on a small circuit before buying a whole range of accessories to match.
No Drivers Required, Simply Plug into the Mains
All the technology required to make the Halers work is built into the low profile body on the back, simply bring the lighting circuit to the fitting and away you go.
Halers H2 Downlight Side View
7 Year Warranty
Registration required
Waterproof IP65 as Standard
Bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms - they're all covered with the same fitting.
Will fit an existing 60-70 mm hole, or use the DL/Convert converter plates to fill an existing hole of between 70mm and 150mm.
Emergency Backup
For commercial applications, Halers offer emergency back up packs for their downlights
Halers H2 Downlight In Black
Expanding Range
Halers continue to expand their range with commercial high output H6 downlights and also a H4 tilt version for directional highlighting or wall-washing.
Fast Free Delivery On Halers Downlights From Fastlec
Fastlec are currently offering FREE delivery on all Haler's downlight orders (regardless of value).
We currently carry between £8,000 - £10,000 worth of Halers down light products in stock at any one time. If we don't have what you need, the items can be sent direct to you from Halers own distribution facility
Halers H4 Tilt Downlight