2 Way Switching With Wall PIR Sensors

The question of 2 way switching with wall motion sensors arises from time to time so here’s a possible solution to the dilema.

Timeguard PIR Wall Switch

The Timeguard ZV810 PIR wall switch allows either 1 way or 2 way wiring unlike many other motion sensor switches on the market. Full wiring instructions are provided with the unit.

View the user and installation instructions for the Timeguard ZV810 here: http://www.fastlec-pdf.com/product_pdfs/timeguard/zv810.pdf

  • 180 degree detection
  • Adjustable 8m detection range
  • Light ON time adjustable from 6 seconds to 12 minutes
  • Light level fully adjustable
  • Can also be used as a standard switch
  • Lamp load details: 40 – 500W incandescent, 40 – 150W low voltage halogen, 18 – 150W fluorescent with electronic ballast, 15 – 150W electronic PL lamp (Philips or Osram only).

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